Open House Checklist for your Less Thought About Rooms

When preparing your home for an open house, it is easy to focus your efforts on the rooms that make the most splash: the master bedroom, the kitchen, the dining room and bathrooms. It is foolish not to think about all the other rooms as well because interested buyers will look at all the rooms. What can you do to spruce up the less thought about rooms?


If you have a foyer, it is critical to making a good impression. The entrance will often be the first room someone looks at. Some things you can do to make an impression is to put coat hooks up for guests. If you want guests to remove their shoes, give them a centralized place to put them, such as a bench or rack.

Mud Room

A mudroom is where people envision their kids coming into a house. The mudroom should have a space for kids coats, shoes and even backpacks. Install some hooks for hanging up coats, and some shelves or cubbies to house their shoes. If you have space, put a rug in there that will catch muddy, wet, and snow-filled boots.

Laundry Room

It is a nice luxury to have room to do laundry. If you have space, make the best of the place you have available. Organize the area for potential buyers. Make separate stations for folding, ironing and storing laundry products.


Make that basement a usable space. While an unfinished basement is something you use for your seasonal items and storage, a finished basement can be a big seller to a larger family that needs extra room or craves an entertainment space. If you have the extra cash, or have the equity to improve your home, finishing a basement may be a great way to showcase your home.


A garage can be different things to different people. Some people use garages for creating a workshop. Others like using the garage to store items. Some people just want to park their cars in there. Whatever they want it for, you should show off a garage that is free from clutter, so buyers can envision the garage how they want it.

Kid’s Rooms

It isn’t always easy to keep kids rooms clean, because they are continually messing them up. Make sure the kids at least keep their rooms presentable for a buyer coming through. Eliminating some things from their closet and asking them to make their beds shouldn’t be too much to ask.


Check the staircase for any railing issues. If the railing is loose, make sure to tighten it before an open house.


Make the hallways pleasant to walk through. Take down personal pictures, lighten up the halls, and replace light bulbs to make the room a joy to walk through.

A successful open house depends on how much thought and care you put into the home. If you want to sell it, make sure you do your best to stage the home for a buyer to have no excuse but to love your house.

Ian Wood